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. Case Dismissals
. 100% Guaranteed Debt Reduction
. Low Monthly Payments (if any)
. No Court Attendance
. No Office Visits

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Why To Hire Us

We Handle Everything From A-Z

Time is one of your most valuable commodities. So let us save you tons of it. We will handle all of your court appearances and court paperwork, and of course, all negotiations on your behalf.

Your Bank Account Could Be Frozen

If a judgement has been made against you, you may find yourself in a situation where all of your bank accounts and all of your spouses's bank accounts are frozen and emptied. We will absolutely prevent this from happening!

Your Credit Could Plummet

A judgement against you could destroy your credit. Judgements can be found in public records, which means that could very well destroy your credit.

Your Property Could Be Seized

A judgement against you could mean your property can be seized. Any non-exempt property of yours can be sold at an auction and used to pay off your judgement balance.

You will pay less, period.

We have a proven track record of saving our clients money, and lots of it. Not only are we able to tremendously reduce most debt, but in lots of cases we are able to completely dismiss your debt you may owe.

The Process

Step 1

Send us your debt information.

Step 2

Receive your free quote from your debt attorney.

Step 3

Hire your attorney.

Our Mission

Regardless whether you are being sued for debt or simply need assistance, we are here for you, 100% of the way through. is designed for one thing and one thing only, to help you. We understand that not everyone knows their options, and simply not knowing can lead to detrimental consequences. That is why we are here! Our team of top debt attorneys are here to advise you and to work for you to achieve the best results possible.


This is what our attorneys would charge to work on your case. Of course, our prices are determined by the type of debt, the amount of the debt, and the difficulty of working on your case. Remember, all of this is done without ever going to the attorney's office!

Happy Clients

“Handling the cases is really simple with DebtDefenders. The whole process is incredibly fast and the service is incredible. Thank you foe dismiss my case!!!”

Alexander Garcell, Programmer Softengo

“. We definitely recommend the DebtDefenders team to anyone who has debt problems of any kind. A very professional team of attorneys represent us and we win our case, saving thousands of dollars with them.”

Yosvany Concepcion & Nayana Concepcion, OWNERS NCO Logistics Trucking Services Inc.

“. I would like to thank DebtDefenders for handling my case so well. My concern for all these months was gone and it was very low cost.”

Javier Rodriguez, Programmer Softengo

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